Help with the IRS for
Small Businesses

All businesses, except general partnerships, must submit an annual declaration of income. General partnerships, on the other hand present an informative declaration. The form that should be used is dependent on the type of business it is.

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Federal tax on income

The federal tax on income is a periodic tax. Taxes must be payed on the money that is earned or received throughout the year. If you have not yet complied with your company’s tax obligations, we can help you. We count with years of experience in helping small businesses like yours resolve their issues with the IRS.

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We can help you understand:

  • When you need to pay taxes.
  • The type of partnership you need to declare to the IRS.
  • How to establish payment plans with the IRS if you owe money.
  • How to reduce the fine you are being sanctioned for.
  • How to avoid sanctions in the future.